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If you are looking for a great espresso machine that will provide you with the ultimate espresso shots time and time again, then you should definitely check out Breville’s 800ESXL model. Its price goes around $400, but it is completely justifiable due to its great performance and a sheer number of handy features.


It comes with a¬†pressure of 15 Bar which is amazing for the price you’re paying for. This number is a standard of higher priced machines, well beyond the $500 mark, but still, the 800ESXL isn’t shying away from it at such a humble price. What’s even better, it’s a pretty big machine and has enough space for you to fit in a relatively big cup. Don’t be afraid of making yourself that triple espresso shot to start off your Monday with. We’ve all been there, there’s nothing to be ashamed of!


The overall design and build quality are both great. Its exterior frame is made entirely of stainless steel and, needless to say, it looks outright awesome. There is no doubt it will fit into any type of kitchen. On the contrary, we guarantee it will be the main focus out there, by turning the heads of your friends and family during each and every one of their visits.


EpikGO Hoverboard Review

There is a brand new hoverboard in our shop, and from all we’re able to see – it has a very bright future ahead of itself! Starting off with the basics, it is important to inform you that EpikGO is an 8-inch hoverboard. 8.5 inches is the wheel size, to be more precise. This makes up for a big advantage over various types of terrain. For example, this little fella can easily ride on gravel, sand, grass and such. You won’t stumble upon any issues you’d be experiencing with a 6-inch model.


Moving onto its features, you will be happy to know it has a great build quality, whose bottom part is water resistant. In other words, you’ll be able to ride the hoverboard through puddles or mud and it won’t break down. Aside from that, it also has a huge space for your feet, making the overall ride comfort a lot better than some of its competitors. The anti-slip fabric is great too. It’s there to make sure you don’t slip off your hoverboard during those long range scenarios.


The overall design of this particular hoverboard breathes quality. You rarely notice that a hoverboard is designed specifically for grown-ups. I mean, do not get me wrong, I am sure kids would enjoy this hoverboard as well, but despite that – it is made for grown-ups. It comes in 2 colors, black and white, maintaining¬†a good dose of seriousness that’s expressed through the whole build.


And finally, we have come to the EpikGO’s specs. There is no doubt you will be surprised at the number. For instance, its top speed goes over 10mph making it among the fastest hoverboard available on the market (only the Segway MiniPRO is a decent contestant in this department). The max range is no joke either, hovering around 10 miles on a single full charge.

All in all, EpikGO seems like an awesome hoverboard, justifying its relatively big price tag.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Review

We’ve gotten ourselves a new toy here at the Gold3 Pawn Shop HQ, and it’s a pricey one, that’s for sure. We are talking about the well-known Phantom 3 drone, coming from the even better-known drone manufacturer – DJI. We have gotten our hands on the Professional version of this masterpiece that has a couple of upgrades in place when compared to the standard one.

Let’s start off with the improved range: the standard Phantom 3 has “only” 1 kilometer of range while the Professional version comes with whopping 5 kilometers. That’s more than enough to cover your whole surrounding area… and more. Combine that with awesome 23 minutes of flight time and you will understand why people who are in the professional photography industry opt for this beast of a drone.


In addition to those amazing specs we have just told you about, Phantom 3 Pro also comes with a state-of-the-art 4K camera. It is capable of shooting professional quality aerial footage in UHD resolution. Alongside that, it can also record in slow motion at a lower resolution (1080p at 120fps). Combine these 2 recording modes and you can create quite an artistic spectacle. In addition to regular UHD and slow motion recording, Phantom 3’s camera is also able to provide you with seamless FPV live feed. Even though the controller does not come with a built-in FPV monitor meaning you will have to use your smartphone, the FPV quality is still outstanding.


Moving onto the features, you’ll be happy to know it supports both GPS and GLONASS positioning systems, providing you with pinpoint accuracy no matter where you live. The build quality is exceptional, as was always the case with all DJI’s drones. Nothing to add here. It’s a beefy drone with a beefier price tag to it. But that is completely understandable as it is primarily aimed for professional photographers and people who like to think they’re just that. That explains the 3-axis motorized gimbal that’s attached to the UHD camera. In the end, there is no doubt that Phantom 3 Professional is able to provide you with silk smooth, top quality footage, but there’s also no doubt you will have to pay quite the sum for it.