Welcome to the humble website of the ever-so-popular Gold3 Pawn Shop.

Even though the site is still under construction and is not nearly a finished product, we still managed to free up some time and create a couple of reviews on our Products page. Down below, you’ll also find some general information about the best products that we currently have available, as well as some brief information regarding each individual one. With this being said, we sincerely hope that we’ll be able to finish up our website and add a bunch more products and reviews. Until them, we leave you with the current lines of products that you can get from us:


Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of drones in. People of all ages are pawning and / or selling them. Some of them don’t need them anymore so they sold dji-phantom-3-professional-advanced-5them, some of them need the rent money so they pawned them… The list goes on, but what’s most important is the fact that we have a couple of great drones with cameras.

In addition to them, we also have a line of fixed wing drones that you can use to mess around. They’re all in working condition, although you might notice a couple of scratches here and there. These are more specifically, drones for beginnersThey’re cheap, easy to replace and come in a wide variety of colorful combinations.

If you’re more of a racing drone type of guy, you will be happy to know we have a couple of racing drones on display as well. All of them are in perfect conditions and some of them even come with spare parts, just in case you happen to have a nasty crash of some sort. Plus, all of them are lightning fast and are great at maneuvering at high speeds, which is of utter importance for a top notch racing drone.


If you guys are looking for hoverboards, we’re proud to announce that we have those too. Drones and hoverboards, the most popular tech toys this year, and Gold3 epikgo-hoverboardPawn Shop has them all! When it comes to our selection of awesome hoverboards, there’s surely something for everyone. All models are refurbished and in near perfect conditions. They come in a few different size factors, and we have them all:

  • 6.5-inch hoverboards? CHECK!
  • 8-inch hoverboards? CHECK!
  • 10-inch hoverboards? CHECK!

Espresso machines

Nowadays, everyone wants their own espresso machines. This comes as no surprise since their prices dropped significantly over the course of last 2 years. Nowadays, screenshot_1you can find great espresso machines under $500. As you might already know, they have a number of different variations; ranging from automatic, semi-automatic and super automatic… And believe it or now, we have at least 2 models of each kind! Whether you need model suitable for home or commercial use, we got you covered. With more than 20 espresso machines currently in stock, you’re bound to find something you’ll like!